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LowUP infographics are here to summarise each solution & demonstration site!

The LowUP partners are collaboratively developing and demonstrating one heating and one cooling system for office buildings, and one heat recovery system for industrial processes. The systems hare being demonstrated at four demo sites: a pilot office building in Seville (Spain, ACCIONA Construction); a water treatment plant in Madrid (Canal de Isabel II & ACCIONA Water); a Pulp and Paper mill in Setubal

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Event Recap: 1st General Technical Meeting, Valladolid Spain

On 22 and 23 May 2017, CARTIF, one of the thirteen LowUP project partners hosted the First General Technical Meeting which will take place in Boecillo, Valladolid (Spain).   During this meeting, the partners discussed the technical aspects of LowUP while assessing the progress made so far.  Pertinent questions relating to the exploitation of the results that will be generated in

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What are the keys to decarbonising Europe’s heating and cooling ?

Original article published on 28 March 2017 on BUILDUp (The European portal for energy efficiency in buildings) website 5 factors are holding back the energy transition to a zero emissions Europe by 2050, writes Thomas Nowak. The way we use energy in our society needs to change if we want to keep global warming well below 2°C, as stipulated at

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EU Vine video on heating and cooling

We want to reduce the heat being wasted in the #EU – #EnergyUnion #EUEnergySecurity The European Commission published a video on heating and cooling on the Vine network.


EU Heating and Cooling Infographic

The European Commision has been publishing informative infographics highlighting key numbers. In February last year, they released an infographic entitled 10 things you didn’t know about heating and cooling.