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ACCIONA hosted the LowUP consortium in February 2020, here’s a recap.

On the 11 and 12 February, ACCIONA (LowUP project coordinator) hosted the M40 General Assembly of the LowUP project in Madrid. On the first day, project partners presented updates on each of the 5 work packages in the LowUP project, emphasis was placed on the demonstration sites for each of the LowUP solutions. Pertinent questions relating to the exploitation of the results generated

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LowUP partner, EndeF sheds light on the ongoing project

LowUP partner, EndeF sheds light on the ongoing project from LGI on Vimeo.


Chat Segment: LowUP chats with Raquel Simón of EndeF

LowUP: Tell us a bit about your company. What does it do and in which way is it involved in energy efficiency? Raquel: EndeF is a solar technology company located in Zaragoza, Spain. Our goal is to develop and implement solutions based on energy efficiency and the generation of energy with renewable sources. In this regard, the company is focused

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