LowUP contributed to the development of one of the Solar Impulse Foundation’s 1000 Efficient Solutions

LowUP’s RHeX Rotating Heat Exchanger – Rotating heat recovery unit is one of the Solar Impulse Foundation’s #1000Solutions

In 2013, Pozzi patented a newer model of the rotating heat recovery system called RHeX, a key part of the LowUP project. RHeX is a rotating heat exchanger specifically designed to work with dirty effluents containing mechanical particulate without losing efficiency.

More on RHeX:

Normally, heat exchangers tend to clog, foul, or lose efficiency when processing dirty fluids. By holding a constant rotation of the exchanging surfaces (the discs), RHeX can keep itself clean, thus maintaining a constant efficiency. One of the key characteristics of this design is the ability to offer a low pressure-loss in the dirty circuit, behaving as a drain channel. This avoids the need for any additional pumping thanks to the novel geometry of the rotor disks. These allow a forward pumping actions of the fluid. RHeX can efficiently recover with low maintenance when treating sewage streams or highly contaminated industrial processes. During summer, the system can be used as a higher efficiency air condition unit, and in winter, it can be combined with a heat pump to harvest energy from low enthalpy heat sources such as city sewage.

Key features

  • Constant efficiency regardless of pollution level.
  • No ancillary equipment (pumps, filters, valves) are required.


  • A single exchanger can save 5.3 GWh of energy per year.

Categories of Application

  • Sewage
  • Industrial water management
  • Heat pumps and echangers
  • Industrial water efficiency
  • Water heating

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Visit the RHeX page on POZZI ‘s website


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