The M24 General Assembly of the LowUP project held in Paris

On the 21 and 22 November, LGI (LowUP project partner) hosted the M24 General Assembly of the LowUP project in Paris. During this meeting, an Exploitation Workshop was organised by Camille Auriault, Esti Sanvicente and Soraya Molinero to make the most of the results generated during and after the end of the project.

The Exploitation Workshop considered all the results (the ones achieved and expected) and identifies all the potential beneficiaries to define the most adequate strategy for each pair of “result-beneficiary” association. And action plan is also defined to identify the steps to follow in order to successfully exploit the results. Involving all the partners through a collaborative-thinking process, the goal was to find a common agreement on some of the most relevant results of LowUP.

During the meeting, project partners presented updates on each of the 5 work packages in the LowUP project and discussed the plans for the coming period. They also covered the technical aspects of the project. Pertinent questions relating to the exploitation of the results that will be generated in the project were also debated upon.

Led by the Spanish firm ACCIONA, LowUP gathers 13 partners (3 large companies, 3 research and technology organisations and 7 SMEs) from 7 European countries.

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