Event Recap: 3rd General Technical Meeting, Milan Italy

The third meeting of the Horizon 2020 LowUP project was held on 3 May 2018, on the premises of ACIMIT – the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers in Milan, Italy with the participation of over 25 representatives from the 13 European organisations involved in the project. The LowUP consortium meets twice a year to keep up with the project’s progress. Now at month eighteen, the LowUP project is steadily shaping up and inching towards the finish line.

The meeting preceded the project’s First Dissemination Workshop which took place on 4 May 2018 and welcomed about 10 external participants (ranging from financial consulting, energy professionals and PhD students).

During the meeting, the consortium took stock of the progress of the project so far. The project partners presented updates on each of the 5 work packages in the LowUP project and discussed the plans for the coming period. They also covered the technical aspects of the project. Pertinent questions relating to the exploitation of the results that will be generated in the project were also debated upon. It has also been established that the LowUP solutions (Heat-LowUP, Cool-LowUP and HP-LowUP) will be tested at their respective demonstration sites in this coming period.

Led by the Spanish firm ACCIONA, LowUP gathers 13 partners (3 large companies, 3 research and technology organisations and 7 SMEs) from 7 European countries.

Tweets and impressions from the meetings. 

In case you missed out on our live updates, you can find a compilation of our Twitter activity here!

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