Heat and Decentralised Energy 2017: Inspiring leadership

The Association for Decentralised Energy and the Energy Institute will be holding their sixth annual Heat Conference on Thursday 30 November 2017, this year widening the event to incorporate a broader decentralised energy remit.

Now is the time for the heat and decentralised energy sectors to show leadership.  The world is changing.  With a minority Government in office and our Brexit position still unclear, political uncertainty abounds.  It is incumbent upon us to take the reins and show how we can drive the sector forward.

As an industry, we are making great strides into improving customer relations and providing services that meet the actual needs of the market but there is still room for a step change. This conference will explore the shift needed to achieve a competitive, cost effective, low carbon energy system with our customers at the very heart of what we do.

Heat and Decentralised Energy 2017 will look to this vision, examine outstanding examples of where it’s already being delivered and explore how we can better respond to our customer needs.

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