Progress with the 3 LowUP Systems in the 1st Year

The three systems will be demonstrated at four demo sites: a pilot office building in Seville (Spain, ACCIONA Construction); a water treatment plant in Madrid (Canal de Isabel II & ACCIONA Water); a Pulp and Paper mill in Setubal (Portugal, The Navigator Company); and a student hall in Badajoz (Spain, University of Extremadura).

At this time, we have concluded the retrofitting works of the Seville Pilot office, where the LowUP heating and cooling systems will be installed.

In parallel, the consortium is re-engineering and upgrading the 8 individual components provided by the industrial partners (see figure below), to upgrade each one of them with the required innovations to become part of their respective LowUP technology.

LowUP solutions and the project partners in change of the engineering process

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