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Chat Segment: LowUP chats with Raquel Simón of EndeF

LowUP: Tell us a bit about your company. What does it do and in which way is it involved in energy efficiency? Raquel: EndeF is a solar technology company located in Zaragoza, Spain. Our goal is to develop and implement solutions based on energy efficiency and the generation of energy with renewable sources. In this regard, the company is focused

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LowUP conducts 1st Dissemination Workshop

The one-day Dissemination Workshop was conducted in Milan, Italy. The first part of the workshop focused on the LowUP project and each of its solutions while the second part was a guided tour of the POZZI facilities in Barlassina, Italy where a component of Heat-LowUP is being developed. In addition to the project partners, several external participants were in attendance.

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Event Recap: 3rd General Technical Meeting, Milan Italy

The third meeting of the Horizon 2020 LowUP project was held on 3 May 2018, on the premises of ACIMIT – the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers in Milan, Italy with the participation of over 25 representatives from the 13 European organisations involved in the project. The LowUP consortium meets twice a year to keep up with the project’s progress. Now at month eighteen,

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Event Recap: 2nd General Technical Meeting, ‘s-Hertogenbosch Netherlands

On 29 and 30 November 2017, GEA, one of the thirteen LowUP project partners graciously hosted the Second General Technical Meeting in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.   It’s been 12 months since the start of the LowUP project! During this meeting, the partners discussed the technical aspects of LowUP while assessing the progress made so far.  Pertinent questions relating to the exploitation of

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Chat Segment: LowUP chats with Jouni Helppolainen of Wasenco

In this section, we discuss energy efficient solutions and the possibility of nZEB with the LowUP project partners. Our debut interview features Jouni Helppolainen who shares some barriers to energy efficient solutions in buildings and how to overcome them. LowUP: Tell us a bit about your company. What does it do and in which way is it involved in energy efficiency?

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LowUP project kicks off

A new project funded by the European Commission has just been launched and will contribute to achieving Europe’s GHG reduction targets and increase energy efficiency. LowUp – which stands for ‘Low valued energy sources UPgrading for buildings and industry uses’– will develop and demonstrate three new efficient heating and cooling technologies that will significantly reduce both CO2 emissions and primary

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